Underhill Rabbit Rehoming

Tel: 07961 829 437
Email: teressa@underhillrabbitrescue.org.uk
Website: http://www.underhillrabbitrescue.org.uk/

About Us

Underhill Rabbit Rescue is a small home based rescue based in Wolverhampton; we have been running for over 5 years and help neglected and abandon rabbits in and around the Wolverhampton area. Every bunny we take in is rehabilitated and found a new and loving home. All rabbits are neutered and vaccinated against VHD and myxomatosis; they’re also in good health by the time they’re put up for adoption. We have a strict “no” put to sleep policy, any bunny that can’t be rehomed because of ill health or behavioural problems remain with us for the rest of his or her life. We don’t rehome rabbits to live alone but do rehome single rabbits to live with adopter’s resident rabbit and will always help with bonding; if the new home doesn’t work out we always take bunny back and refund the adoption fee. Rabbit welfare is of great importance to us and we always insist on the minimum size RSPCA hutch recommendations for future living and we abide by these rules ourselves and always give rescue rabbits comfortable and large accommodation. We do ask for a minimum donation of £50 per rabbits, this can be paid by cash, cheque or bank transfer, cheque to be made payable to "Underhill Rabbit Rescue". The donation pays for vet treatment of future rabbits and helps us continue to help the rabbits; the rescue runs at a huge loss so any financial support is welcome, if you would like to make us a general donation you can transfer money into our account... Account Name: Underhill Rabbit Rescue Account number: 43207064 Sort code: 20-97-78 A home check will be required, to see if you and your chosen bunny will be suited to each other. There is nothing to be concerned about, it is for us to see where the rescue bunny will be spending the rest of his/her life and a chance for us to drink tea and talk bunnies. I am an animal charity not a people charity.. please do not ask us for a free rabbit as refusal can be embarrassing! Each rabbit cost us approximately £100 to get ready for their new home, £45 is a fraction of that amount and it helps us to help future rabbits as this is paid for out of my own pocket and I’m not helped by any sort of funding. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you at our rescue Teressa Longhurst

Rehoming Policy

Unfortunately we do not rehome a rabbit to live on his or her own. We're happy to rehome a rabbit to live with your existing rabbit and we will always help with bonding if required. We homecheck every new home, but this is not for us to be judgemental it's just a chance for us to see bunny's new living accommodation. We do insists on minimum hutch sizes as set by the RSPCA and we do rehome bunnies to live as house rabbits.

Admission Policy

While we do always try to help rabbits that are in need of a rescue space, we do operate a waiting list at busier times, please e-mail for details.

How You Can Help Us

If anyone can help with food (pellets), veggies, hay, toys or anything that you would think the rescue bunnies would like please get in touch and If you can help with vet runs in the day, that would also be great. If you would like to make us a general donation you can transfer money into our account... Account Name: Underhill Rabbit Rescue Account number: 43207064 Sort code: 20-97-78 Any donations go straight into the vet fund and helps us to help more rabbits Any help is gratefully received.

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