Auntyanimal Small Animal Fostering & Rescue

Tel: 07743 765840

About Us

As a rescue, apart from the animals we have available for adoption, we also have a number that cannot be re-homed due to ongoing health problems or "old age". We do not give up on animals just because they have these problems - we provide them with the long term care they need. We are a non-profit making voluntary organisation:- - SUPPORTING ADOPTION - FINDING GOOD HOMES - FOSTERING - - GIVING LONG TERM CARE - CARING FOR THE NEGLECTED - CHIPMUNKS - CHINCHILLAS - DEGUS - GERBILS - GUINEA PIGS - HAMSTERS - MICE - RABBITS - Etc..... Even FISH!!! As well as concentrating on the little ones we also have resident sheep, Larry and Oscar, who featured on Channel 4's Pet Rescue programme back in 2002. A rescued Pygmy Goat called Baaaz. We have also fostered/adopted a number of rescue Boxers on a long-term basis and have helped re-habilitate wildlife. We have had animals referred to us by The Blue Cross, RSPCA, and Wood Green Animal Shelters.

Rehoming Policy

All rabbits that come into our rescue are given a health check, neutered, vaccinated against Myxomatosis and where possible bonded with a bunny friend. All potential adoptees are asked to complete a Homefinder Questionnaire and we like to do a home check - this ensures we find the most suitable animal(s) for you, as some of these little ones have had a difficult time and we like to get things right for them, and for you. We also require a donation to help towards neutering, vaccination and healthcare costs incurred at the rescue. Accommodation: Rabbits require a spacious double decker hutch with fox resistant wire (minimum size 5’ x 4’ x 2’) with a secure large attached run for exercise. PLEASE.............Before you do anything else spare a few minutes to go to this link and watch the inspiring film with soundtrack. then take it into consideration when choosing your rabbits accommodation ! Guinea pigs also require a good size hutch (height isn’t so important). Hutches should be sited in a sheltered area near your house. All guinea pigs require a minimum of 4 hours a day exercise out of their hutch, a secure run for daytime grazing is essential. Piggies will also need to be brought indoors, or into a shed or unused garage that has natural light, for the wintertime. Wherever possible we like to re-home animals in pairs. Guinea Pigs and Rabbits prefer company of their own kind. Guinea Pigs should not be housed with rabbits because they could be bullied or accidentally injured by the rabbit.

Admission Policy

We prefer that rabbits are given a veterinary health check and vaccinated against Myxomatosis before they are brought into rescue. If we have space we will try to accommodate any animal in desperate need - but more often we are full to bursting and have a waiting list.

How You Can Help Us

We rely solely on donations and fund raising, as well as volunteer fosterers who look after animals in their own homes until the right loving FOREVER HOME can be found. You can help by visiting our online shop at, donating through our website, via PayPal, or sending cheques made payable to Auntyanimal Rescue. DONATIONS OF FOOD, TREATS, BEDDING, HUTCHES, RUNS, CAGES, TOYS ETC., ARE ALWAYS GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED FOR THOSE OF US IN LONG TERM CARE….. We are always in need of Hay, Straw, Wood Shavings. All types of small animal food - Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Chinchilla, Chipmunk, Degu, Gerbil, Hamster, Rat, Cat, Dog, Fresh Veg, Treats. Food Bowls, Water Bowls, Water Bottles. Also, if you have any unwanted saleable items. If you would like to donate in this way - please don't be offended if we cannot take certain items - we can only accept NEW or NEARLY NEW items in good working order. If you think you can offer any other help we haven't mentioned we'd love to hear from you. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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