How you can help

Even if you can't rehome a rabbit you can still help. Even little things like adding a link to our site from yours could result in a rabbit finding a new, loving home.

If you have added a link or put up a poster if you let us know we will list you on our supporters page.

Add a Link

You can link to our site using the following code

<a href="">Rabbit Rehoming Site</a>


Using this banner (right click to save) and the following code
<a href=""><img src="banner.gif" alt="Rabbit Rehoming"></a>

Rabbit Rehoming


Please print off this poster and put in up in your local petshops, veterinary surgeries and anywhere else you think might help. This will help people find our site and the rabbits listed find new homes.

> PDF File (61KB)
> Word Document (149KB)
> GIF File (69KB)

If you need the poster in a different format please ask.

Add Entries

If you have access to the web or a digital camera why not offer to add entries for you local rescue centre.

I want to:

More info on: