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Rabbit Books

Understanding Your Rabbit's Habits

by Tamsin Stone
Price: £7.99

Learn about your rabbit's behaviour and how to read bunny body language. Full of hints and tips to help you understand your bunny better and ensure all your rabbit's needs are met.

Rabbitlopaedia: A Complete Guide to Rabbit Care

by Meg Brown, Virginia Richardson
Price: £6.36

Packed with advice and information on every aspect of caring for a rabbit. Starting with the domestication of the rabbit, the authors trace the history of one of Britain's most popular pets. The huge variety of breeds are examined, and there is advice on choosing a rabbit, housing, handling, management and feeding.

Rabbit Health in the 21st Century: A Guide for Bunny Parents

by Kathy Smith
Price: £14.99

This user-friendly book on pet rabbit health from a caretakerÂ’s perspective is written for people with little or no medical or veterinary background. Its goal is to help rabbit owners play a more active, informed role in their rabbit’s health care decisions. It should never substitute for a trip to the veterinarian!

Topics include:

  • Choosing and establishing a relationship with a veterinarian
  • Symptoms and safe treatment options for a variety of conditions
  • Diagnostic tests and how to understand what they tell your veterinarian
  • Drugs (prescription, over the counter, and supplements)
  • Alternative medicine
  • Coping with loss
  • Resources and references

Stories Rabbits Tell

Susan E. Davis, Margo Demello
Price: £12.07

Stories Rabbits Tell takes a comprehensive look at the rabbit as a wild animal, ancient symbol, pop culture icon, commercial "product," and domesticated pet. In so doing, the book explores how one species can be simultaneously adored as a symbol of childhood (think Peter Rabbit), revered as a symbol of female sexuality (e.g., Playboy Bunnies), dismissed as a "dumb bunny" in domesticity, and loathed as a pest in the wild. The authors counter these stereotypes with engaging analyses of real rabbit behavior, drawn both from the authors' own experience and from academic studies, and place those behaviors in the context of current debates about animal consciousness. In a detailed investigative section, the authors also describe conditions in the rabbit meat, fur, pet and vivisection industries, and raise important questions about the ethics of treating rabbits as we do.

Textbook of Rabbit Medicine

Frances Harcourt-Brown
Price: £63.99

Specifically written for the veterinary practitioner, this text uses evidence-based material to provide a comprehensive guide to the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting pet rabbits. Basic husbandry, behaviour and nutrition are explained within the concept of health and disease. Essential information on biology and physiology is also provided. Illustrations based on original dissections offer an additional insight into this complex animal.

Why Does My Rabbit...?

Anne McBride
Price: £6.99

Rabbits are now the third most popular animal pet in the United Kingdom, following cats and dogs, but few owners understand their behavioural needs. Many pet rabbits develop problems which could be avoided if their living conditions were adapted to allow them to follow their natural instincts, and in this important book Anne McBride explains how this can be done and why it should. She describes the influences on behaviour, the history of the domesticated rabbit, how rabbits live and breed and the instincts, inherited from the wild rabbit, which make a rabbit do what it does. She also deals with a whole range of rabbit problems, arranged alphabetically, which owners have asked her to solve. The book covers both hutch and house rabbits and the specific problems of each, revealing an animal which is highly intelligent, learns quickly and has a very complex social life. A happy rabbit can be an affectionate and delightful companion.

Living with a House Rabbit

Linda Dykes (Editor), Helen Flacks (Editor)
Price: £9.09

Since the early 1990s, house rabbits have grown in popularity as pets, and this is the first book available to guide the owner through the experience of owning these wonderful pets. There is a fund of information on health care, feeding and grooming - everything you need to know in order to raise a happy rabbit as a cherished member of your household.

King Murray's Royal Tail

Kathryn R Smith, Karen Scott (Illustrator)
Price: £7.99

Have you ever thought about what happens to a live Easter Bunny once Easter is over? King Murray’s Royal Tail is the story of such an Easter Bunny. Murray eventually finds a forever home, where he is an important part of the family, a true companion animal. But his journey to reach this home is not an easy one.

Mac the Rabbit

Hugh McMillan, Chris White (Illustrator)
Price: £4.50

The Story follows Mac on a voyage of discovery with the help of Fern the Deer and the Rabbit Rescue Squad amongst others. The book is published in conjunction with Mossburn Animal Centre, whose logo, Mac, inspired the story.

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