Volunteer Work

Rescue centres could not exist without the assistance of people like you offering their time and skills. There is something everyone can do no matter their age, ability, time or skills. Some volunteer jobs involve working directly with the animals but there are also other ways you can use your time to help rescues.

Common Volunteer Opportunities

Home checking - Many rescues have volunteers visit potential adopters homes to check that their accomodation is suitable.

Fundraising - You may be able to help with existing fundraising efforts or organise your own event/activities and raise sponsorship.

Fostering - See Fostering

Publicity - Including putting up posters, writing an article for your local paper or helping design publicity materials.

Organising events - help may be needed to organise events or run stalls.

Transportation - if you have a car you may be able to help transport animals to the vet or their new home.

Cleaning out and socialising animals - including cleaning out hutches/cages, disinfecting equipment, building/repairing accomodation or interacting with shy animals to build their confidence.

To find out about volunteering in your area, please contact your local rescue centre.

Also see our forum for homechecking and transport requests.

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