Rabbit Breeds

There are a wide variety of rabbits listed on Rabbit Rehome, all different sizes, shapes, and colours. Some are recognised breeds and others mixes of more than one breed. Here are links to the current breeds available:

To help you choose a rabbit here is some information and photos on different breeds. All the photos on this page are of rabbits from rescue centres, as you can see there are many different types of rabbit available for adoption. Most breeds come in a variety of colours/patterns, so not all rabbits of the same breed will look the example photos.

Small Rabbit Breeds

We consider small rabbits to be those under 2.5kg when they are full grown. Just because a rabbit is small does not mean that it will fit better in to a small hutch. Small bunnies still need plenty of space to live. If your bunny's going to be a house rabbit, you'll need to be extra careful about spotting the places they could squeeze into to find something chewable.

Small rabbit breeds include:

Netherland Dwarf [photo 01] is the smallest breed of rabbit usually weighing just over 1kg. They can be lots of different colours and have short upright ears.

Lionhead [photo 02] have a long (approx. 3inch) fur around their face (like a lions mane) and often tufts around the tail and rest of their fur is quite short. Lionheads vary in fluffiness from a few tufts to quite thick fur. They need regular brushing to prevent matts. Find out more about caring for long haired rabbit breeds

Lionhead Lop [photo 03] is just like a Lionhead but with lop ears.

Mini Lop [photo 04] is the smallest of the lop-eared rabbit breeds (rabbits which have ears that hany down instead of being upright). Outside the UK it is sometimes called the Dwarf Lop. They weigh around 1.5-2kg

Mini Rex [photo 05/6] is a smaller version of the Standard Rex. Rex breeds have very dense fur, it looks and feels like velvet. Mini Rex rabbits weigh approx. 1.7-2kg.

Dutch [photo 07] are a very popular breed of bunny, also fairly small weighing 2-2.5kg. They are white across the shoulders and have a white blaze (stripe) down their nose with colour from the waist down, around the eyes and upright coloured ears.

Other less common small breeds of rabbit include: Thrianta approx. 2-2.7kg [photo 08], Polish and Cashmere Lop approx. 2kg.

Medium Rabbit Breeds

We consider medium rabbits as those generally between 2.5kg and 3kg.

Medium rabbit breeds include:

Dwarf Lop [photo 01] are medium sized rabbits despite their name. They weigh approx. 2-2.5kg.

English [photo 02/3] rabbits have very unusual markings, a thick stripe down the spine, coloured ears and nose and spots across their flanks. They can be several different colours though black is the most common. They weight approx. 2.5-3.5kg.

Angora have long fluffy fur and need regular grooming to stop matts. Angoras can range in size from 2-4kg. Caring for Long Haired Rabbit Breeds

Standard Rex [photo 04] have very dense fur, it looks like velvet. They weigh approx. 2.5-3kg.

Other less common medium breeds of rabbit include: Satin approx. 2.7-3.6kg [photo 05].

Large Rabbit Breeds

Large rabbits weight approximately 4-5kg. You will need to be particularly careful that accomodation is big enough. Commercial hutches/runs can often have too low roofs, rabbits need to be able to stand on the back legs without banging their nose on the roof. Caring for Large/Giant Rabbit Breeds

Belgium Hare [photo 01] - Belgium hares have long upright ears and long slender body/legs, they look like a hare though they are really rabbits! They weigh 3.5-4kg.

New Zealand - This breed usually comes in white, but can also be other colours. They weigh 4-5.5kg.

English Lop - These bunny's have very very long ears (over 20inches), which hang below the head and can drag on the floor. They weigh approximately 4.kg+

German Lop [photo 02] -German Lops are slightly smaller than French Lop's. They weigh 3-4kg.

French Lop [photo 03] -French Lops are very similar to English Lop's accept with much shorter ears. They weigh 4.5kg+

Giant Rabbit Breeds

Giant rabbits weigh at least 5kg and they can weigh oer 10kg! This is larger than the average domestic cat, the same as a small dog such as a Jack Russell. Due to their size they need very large accommodation so are often kept as house bunny's. For more information see: Caring for Large/Giant Rabbit Breeds

British Giant are very large weighing 5-6Kg+ with upright ears

Flemish Giant are also very big rabbits! They weigh 5kg+. They have long upright ears.

Weight Conversion - There are 0.454kg to 1lb and 1kg = 2.205lbs.

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