Finding Your Rabbit a New Home

Before you advertise your rabbit on Rabbit Rehome or Contact a rescue please read:

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Preparing to Rehome Your Rabbit

Before you rehome your rabbit, whether privately or through a rescue, you should make sure you rabbit is in good condition. A vet check is helpful and making sure vaccinations are up to date. Having your rabbit neutered, if it isn't already done, will increase its chances of being rehome and prevent the new owner using it for irresponsible breeding.

You will need to provide the new owner or rescue with information about your rabbit to make sure they can provide it the best care possible. Ask your vet to print you a copy of your rabbits notes - these will provide your rabbits medical history. If your rabbit is vaccinated then you should have a vaccination card with the dates of vaccination. If you have lost it ask your vet for a new copy.

You will also need to pass on any other information you have about your rabbits health, temperament, diet or routine.

Option 1: A Rescue Centre

You should contact a rescue in advance if you want them to take your rabbit. Do not just turn up with it. Rescues are often full and you may need to go on a waiting list before there is space for your rabbit. Give the rescue as much notice as possible if you need to rehome your rabbit by a specific date.

When you take your rabbit to the rescue you will be asked to fill in a form about your rabbit and to sign over ownership to the rescue. Many rescues neuter, vaccinate and homecheck you will need to ask your local rescue what their particular policy is on this.

You can find local centres in your telephone directory, on our rescue list or by phoning the Rabbit Welfare Association helpline on Tel: 0844 3246090. Local branches of the RSPCA are listed on their site. If you are worried about finding a good rescue then you can post on our forum asking for a recommendation.

Option 2: Rehoming Yourself

If you rehome yourself you are responsible for finding potential adopters and checking they are suitable. You may also have to deal with 'time wasters' or people that aren't appropriate new owners.

As well as advertising your rabbit on Rabbit Rehome you could also put a notice up at your vets.

Checking Potential Adopters

If you are rehoming your rabbit personally, you will need to check the person you are considering rehoming your rabbit to is a suitable new owner.

You will need to ask questions such as:

  • Where will the rabbit be living?
  • What experience of caring for rabbit do you have?
  • Are you aware of the costs involved (vaccinations, vet care, food, bedding)?
  • Do you have any other rabbits?

The new owner should be aware of the needs of rabbits, the cost of caring for them and have suitable accommodation for them to live in. You will need to tell them about any health problems, behaviour problems, or other special needs. It may also be helpful to ask your vet for a copy of any notes about your rabbit to pass on to the new owner, this might include details of vaccinationn dates.

If possible visit the person taking on your rabbit, if you are otherwise happy with them this could be a final check as you drop the rabbit off. If the potential adopter refuses to let you visit you should consider what they may be trying to hide.

You should also chat with them on the phone, not just by email, this will help you assess whether they are the right owner for your rabbit.

If they already have a rabbit they may be able to provide references from their vet, or have papers to prove they passed a home check from a rescue centre.

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