Fostering Rabbits

Many rescue centres use foster carers to provide temporary homes for the rabbits in their care. A foster carer volunteers to care for a rabbit in their own home whilst it waits for adoption or if it needs care before being ready to go up for adoption. The rescue centre usually provides the equipment and covers and vet costs and the foster carer provides the space, time and love.

Common Reasons for Fostering:

Neutering - Rabbits may stay a few weeks in foster care whilst they are neutered before being ready to look for a new home.

Socialisation - Some rabbits enter rescues after being neglected and may not have had much human contact. Being in foster care allows a rabbit to have special attention and help it over come its fear or humans.

Medical Care - Many rabbits come into rescue with medical problems that need treatment before they can be rehomed.

Over Crowding - Rescue Centres often use foster carers to look after rabbits when there is not enough room to house them at their centre.

Pregnancy & Babies - Pregnant rabbits or babies to young to go to new homes are often housed in foster homes so they have a quieter environment and plenty of special attention.

Frosty the Foster Bun - Read about Christine's experience of fostering frosty.

The rescue centre will match you up with rabbits that fit the environment and care you can provide. If you don't think you can match the needs of a particular rabbit (for example those with medical problems) just let the rescue know.

Find Out More or Volunteer

To find out more about volunteering to foster in your area, use our rescue list to get intouch with rescue centres in your area.

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