Leaflets on Rabbit Care

There are many leaflets available covering rabbits, single copies are generally available on receipt of a stamped address envolope bulk order may incur a small charge. You can obtain leaflets on rabbit care from the following organisations:

RSPCA Rabbit Care Leaflets

To order RSPCA leaflets visit their Online Ordering Information or Tel: 0870 754 0195.

Rabbits A life worth living - Things to bear in mind before deciding on rabbits as companion animals. REF: P07 (Leaflet)

Rabbits A life worth living - Caring for rabbits means more than just leaving them alone in a hutch Poster (A4) D67

Rabbits - Comprehensive care guide (Booklet) Ref: P14

Keeping rabbits in groups - How to socialize and house rabbits (Booklet) P04

Rabbit care wall chart - All you need to know about caring for rabbits at a glance (A3 Wallchart) PC06

Rabbit Welfare Association Rabbit Care Leaflets

To order leaflets visit the RWA website or Tel: 0844 3246090.

The RWF Guide to Feeding Your Pet Rabbit
Hey! Look At Me, I'm a Houserabbit
The Long and the Short of It
Bunny M.O.T.
Having Your Rabbit Neutered
Is a Rabbit for Me?

Blue Cross

Leaflet's from the blue cross are available for downloading from their new Pet Care site All About Pets to order copies use their PDF Order Form

Caring for your rabbit P8
Housing your rabbit P9
Rabbits and operations P10
Neutering rabbits P11
Euthanasia of rabbits P12

Environmental Animal Sanctuary and Education (EASE)

The EASE Guide to Caring for Rabbits is available as a PDF download, to order copies visit their website

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