RSPCA Block Fen Animal Centre

Block Fen Drove, Wimblington, Cambs, PE15 0FB
Tel: 0300 123 0726

About Us

Block Fen Animal Centre is run by the RSPCA. The centre helps with the rehoming of a wide range of different animals that have been bought in by inspectors. There are always lots of rabbits and guinea pigs looking for homes.

Rehoming Policy

Rabbits that are to live outside are always rehomed in pairs. If a rabbit will be living as a house bunny then they can be rehomed either as singles or pairs. Rabbits living outside must be provided with accommodation that will give them permanent access to a large enough area for them to run about aswell as appropriate shelter.

Admission Policy

All rabbits that come into the centre are given a full health check including back teeth. They are also vaccinated against myxomatosis and VHD. All rabbits are neutered before leaving the centre unless they are too young, in which case they will return to the centre to be neutered once old enough.

How You Can Help Us

Volunteers are always needed at the centre for helping to look after the dogs, cats and small animals. Donations of food, toys and newspapers are always gratefully received.

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