Brinsley Animal Rescue

69 Hobsic Close
Tel: 01773 712 999

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About Us

Established in 2008 , Brinsley Animal Rescue is a 22 acre farm located in Nottingham and the Derby border. We are a non funded, independent rescue that offers sanctuary to all types of animals. We are run on vegan values, we aim to help animals, educate people and run the rescue as environmentally friendly as possible. Animals we help subject to room and reason, emergencies given priority : Small animals - rabbits, guinea pigs and cats. Farm animals - pigs, sheep and goats Birds - chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and small pet birds. Equine - horses, ponies and donkeys Wildlife - pigeons, hedgehogs, owls, hawks, pheasant, ravens,magpies, black birds, baby birds, foxes, badgers, rabbits etc

Rehoming Policy

To help the charity cover the cost of running we ask for a minimum adoption fee. All funds will go directly into the running of the charity which covers costs such as food, vaccinations, neutering, vet runs and so much more. Thank you for your understanding. Our rabbits are vaccinated against Viral Hemorrhagic Disease (1 and 2) and Myxomatosis. They are health checked, sexed correctly and neutered before re-homing, we never rehome to breeders. We never rehome rabbits on their own, single rabbits are re-homed to lonely/ bereaved rabbits and bonded pairs are never split up. Rabbits are social animals that need the company of their own species. Please contact us for our bonding service for single rabbits. Before adoption we require each house to complete a house check to see if you are suitable. We check to see if the enclosure is right for the rabbit, do they have enough space? Is it safe from predators? Is it environmentally enriching to encourage natural behaviors ? Are there any other potential pets that could harm or distress the rabbit? Following a successful home check, you will be asked to sign the adoption papers and pay the adoption fee. But we don't just leave you there, if you are ever stuck or in need of help the charity is more than happy to offer advice

Admission Policy

To cover the cost of running the charity, we ask for a minimal adoption fee. This helps with the costs of food, bedding, vaccinations, neutering and so much more. All funds go directly into the running of the charity and of course to the animals.

How You Can Help Us

We are always looking for willing volunteers who will very kindly give up their time to help the charity. You can help us in many ways from the daily care of the animals, fundraising, helping out on charity fun days, home checking or rehabilitate animals! Please check our website for more information on our induction days and volunteer process. You can help and have fun by supporting us! More info is on our website.

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