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Pine Tree Farm, London Road
Tel: 01933 278080

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About Us

We are a non destruct, voluntary organisation, who take in primarily from our own county, we always put the local animals first. Equipped to deal with all animals including wildlife. If you haven't joined our Facebook group please consider it, that way we can keep you updated with everything that is going on. Here is the link CLICK HERE

Rehoming Policy

All our rabbits are neutered & vaccinated prior to rehoming and can be chipped when required. We always do a home visit before the animals may be collected to make sure large adequate accomodation is being offered and we only rehome a single rabbit to a person with a single neutered rabbit needing a companion, otherwise its a bonded pair. They leave as adopted with a rabbit rescue book, food pack and 4 weeks insurance. We reserve the right to do follow up visits and would remove the animal if we are not happy with its welfare.

Admission Policy

Sadly rabbits are always getting abandoned so they get the priority.However if people e mail us their details we endeavour to help as soon as possible and will send an e mail as soon as we are able to offer a space. We like as much history as is possible and vaccination cards where applicable. New unvaccinated rabbits have to spend a period in our isolation area.

How You Can Help Us

We desperately need help with our ever rising vets fees, that can be donated via paypal on our web site or by cheque. We get through several bales of good quality hay and 3 sacks of supa rabbit excel, and fresh greens,kale,carrot etc if any one could be kind enough to donate any. More than anything our rabbits would love some new toys, we are conastantly changing them to keep them amused. Jingle balls area big favourite.

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