• Age: 3
  • Breed: Dwarf Lop
  • Sex: Female (Neutered)
  • Location: Avon
  • Bonded: No
  • Vaccinated: No
  • Date Added: 09/10/2015
  • Last Update: 18/09/2017

I've been waiting 26 months for a home!

More about Danielle:

Danielle, this little girly was brought into us a found rabbit so we do not know her age. Danielle is likely going to stay a solo bunny, as she hasn't been known to get on with anything her size. She really likes humans and would prefer her human to spend hours just stroking her ears and nose daily. It may take her a while to get used to a new person and she can seem aggressive if made uncomfortable (such as being put in a small space or being touched by a new human without letting her get to know them first). She does not like being picked up at all, possibly due to past experiences . We can only guess about this, because she came to the rescue as a found rabbit. We're also unsure about her age, but she is probably between 3 and 5. She's spayed, very well litter trained, but does have a mischievous streak (she likes to bunstruct). Danielle is an indoor bunny who needs plenty of space and things to play with. She likes to be chased out of rooms she knows not to go in, dig and shred cardboard <3

How to Adopt this Rabbit

Danielle is being rehomed through a rescue. For more information or to enquire about adoption please contact:

The Littlest Rescue
Staple Hill, Bristol

Tel: (0117) 9561981
Email: thelittlestrescue@outlook.com
Website: http://www.littlestrescue.org› View all rabbits

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