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Sex: Male
Breed: Rex Mini
Age: < 1 year
Location: Cheshire
Status: Single

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There are lots of rabbits waiting in rescue centres that aren't currently listed on Rabbit Rehome. To find more rabbits, you should contact your local rescues directly.

For more rescues that may have rabbits available, please view our list of rabbit rescues. The Rabbit Welfare Association also hold a rescue list, accessible via their helpline on 0844 324 6090.

If you visit a rescue please let them know about Rabbit Rehome so they can list rabbits too.

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Search Tips

Rescues often have babies available but there are many benefits to a slightly older rabbit. Young rabbits may not yet be neutered and may change personality as they grow and develop. They also grow up quickly so your baby rabbit will only be a baby a couple of months anyway. Rabbits aged over a year are fully grown, often already neutered and you can get a better feel for the personalities. Remember rabbits can live 7-10 years so don't write off a slightly adult rabbit.

Male or Female:
If you are looking for a companion for an existing rabbit then look for a rabbit of the opposite sex as they are most eas to introduce and least likely to fight. Don't forget your rabbits will need to be neutered before being introduced.

Single / Bonded:
Rabbits are very social and like to live with other rabbits. If you already have a rabbit then look for a single rabbit to introduce, if this is your first rabbit then look for 'bonded' bunnies, this means two or more rabbits that have already been paired up. Rabbits form close bonds so rescues will not split up existing pairs.

Choosing a Breed: The rabbit's breed will only tell you what a rabbit will look like, not how they will behave - indivdual rabbits have different personalities. Large rabbits will need large accommodation and breeds with long hair which will need extra grooming.

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