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23 July 2011 - Special Home Needed For BouncerBouncer has been in rescue for 18 months. He has been reserved a few times but either the homecheck has failed or he would not bond with the resident doe. We have been looking for a home for him as a solo bun. He would love outside accommodation and space to run and binky as he does live up to his name! He would also like come indoors as he is very clean and likes lots of human attention. If living as a solo bun aswell as lots of input from his owner/s he will need toys to keep him stimulated and happy. He likes noserubs but isn't too keen on being picked up. He will give any new owner hours of entertainment and whoever does finally adopt him will be very lucky. Please see if you have room in your home and your heart for this handsome lad. He is being fostered in Leicestershire but we rehome nationally pictures here please email honeybunnysr@aol.com or ring 0116 2869887 if you can help

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