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Volume 3 Number 2 Ė Febuary 2005

Blizzards Hit The U.K.

Although in the main, winters have not been too severe in recent times, in February, the U.K. was finally hit with some significant snowfalls. For house buns this is not a problem, but for bottom of the garden rabbits it is a different story altogether. The best thing to do if you have an outdoor rabbit is to put his hutch in a shed or garage to give extra protection from the weather, but if this is not possible, then make sure that they are in a sheltered spot with lots of straw to keep warm, and very importantly, check that your bun does not have a frozen water bottle. Put some insulation round the bottle, and perhaps add a drop of glycerine to help prevent freezing.

Oh, and if you are a white bunny like me, keep away from the snow altogether, you will get lost!



Hi, my name is BONNY (on the left) and I am a Netherland Dwarf, and my sole mate is BLOSSOM and she is a Netherland/Polish cross and we were both born approx 2000.

We have been re-homed twice and returned to The Bunny Camp Sanctuary because our owners got bored with us. So Sonya decided that it would be unfair to send us out again so we were put on the Sponsorship Scheme.

We live in a beautiful chalet with two levels; we have a platform on the top with a window so we can see what is going on outside and underneath are our sleeping quarters. The chalet has a heater and is very comfortable.

We go out to play on the patio with the other sponsored bunnies and we have some huge tubes that we run into and play games in, we are very lucky bunnies and we love our life here, if you would like to find out more about us please sponsor us. You will find a sponsorship form overleaf.

Thank you with love from BONNY and BLOSSOM

Bunny Camp Sanctuary Sponsor Bunny Information

For a mere £1 per month, £12 for the year you can sponsor one of these gorgeous but poorly bunnies and help towards their ongoing veterinary care.

FABIA. The sweetest little Lion Head bunny, female, black. Has been to the vets for several weeks has been treated for a very bad skin disorder due to previous life living with hens. Very effectionate, very easy going, will need on going veterinary treatment for skin. CHRYSTAL .Stunning female silver Dwarf Lop born approx 1.9.99. On arrival had cataract in left eye and one forming in right. Now totally blind. Was unwanted due to stroppy nature after her partner died. Fear aggression. ERICA. Cute and lovely natured female Dutch bunny born July 2002. Unwanted due to owners moving house. Had old, untreated brake on back right leg will have mobility problems and arthritis in the future.
CLYDE. Very handsome, nice natured male English born approx September 96. Came from a breeders home unfortunately kept for 3 years in a shed with no attention just fed and watered. Very nervous and requires surgery to his teeth every few months. DUKE. Extremely placid and adorable male French lop born approx Feb 97. Arrived Feb 01 in shocking condition. Had lived in a 1 foot square box for 4 years. Had muscle wastage, poor skin and fur, mentally very unsure. Now partially sighted. BLUEBELL. Female, spayed Dutch bunny born approx Jan 2001. Came in with HUGO, has been in re-homing section since October 03 with minor eye problems but now has developed teeth and related eye problems therefore cannot be re homed. Will require ongoing Veterinary treatment.
LITTLE JESS & MAZIE. 2 Female Guinea Pigs, LITTLE JESS just lost partner SPIKE, MAZIE came into Sanctuary as unwanted pet with bunny, the bunny died shortly after decided to pair up with LITTLE JESS and place on Sponsorship Scheme. HUGO. Very sweet natured male Blue Dutch bunny born Jan 2001. Belonged to a Breeder but due to ill health couldnít cope. Was very well cared for and 1 of 10 who came in. HUGO suffers problems with his left eye due to teeth problems will need regular teeth checks. Midnight. Female black domestic rabbit born approx. Jan 1999. Been in re homing section for several months with no interest. Came into sanctuary as unwanted pet, very sweet, very gentle but does have weepy eye which will need constant veterinary attention which is why she has been put on sponsorship.
IVORY & BAILEY. Ivory born November 01. Was found in a shed at 7 days old with 19 other rabbits all born through interbreeding. Ivory has severe malocclusion, has had front teeth removed. Bailey brought in at 8 weeks old was to be put to sleep, has misaligned jaw requires Veterinary treatment every 2 weeks. PAT. Black, male domestic bun born approx. November 2003. Came in with 5 bunnies lived in a run with a bucket and hay for a bed. Had pastruella and two large nasty abcesses on arrival, pasturella with reacure and therefore requires constant care and veterinary treatment. Very nervous and shy. BONNY & BLOSSOM. 2 female white bunnies, Bonny Netherland Dwarf, Blossom cross Netherland Polish born approx 2000. Unfortunately these bunnies have been homed and re homed several times and keep coming back. Now permanently on Sponsor Scheme.
TASHA & FIFI. are our newest sponsorship members, they came into the sanctuary about six months and have developed teeth problems and Fifi has also started with weepy eyes due to the teeth. Tasha is a white domestic bunny and Fifi a white lion head born about 2002. The bunny camp sanctuary prides itself on not homing bunnies with health issues and so these beautiful bunnies will stay with us.

This months Rabbit Welfare Association leaflet

Is a rabbit for me?


By Sonya McDonough

It is with tears in my eyes and a broken heart that I write this story as my beautiful boy Shauni passed over the rainbow bridge on Thursday 6th January 2005 at the grand old age of ten.

As most of you will know Shauni our house bunny was the love of our lives and lived free in our home with the dogs for all but two years of his life. Those two years were spent partially caged by choice with his bonded mate who he chose himself. They were partially caged as Bracken a wild hare needs supervising at all times when out.

Shauni was the inspiration behind setting up the sanctuary he taught us so much about caring for bunnies in illness and in health. Shauni by the age of twelve months had teeth problems and needed Surgery to file all the spurs off his back teeth. He was very ill for months at a time and needed constant syringe feeding and medication however we were not prepared to give up on him and battled at times to keep him alive. When he reached three we were told he only had four teeth left in his mouth and his prognosis was poor but along with this news from the vet came an improvement in his health and he started eating very well. Apple and pellet food (NOT SOAKED- this is important to know as everyone thinks bunnies with poor teeth need their food soaking, Shauni proved this is not true and all our bunnies with teeth problems get a dry un soaked pellets which enables them to keep the few teeth they have in good order) was all he would eat but this enabled him to suddenly live a full health life.v


In our house Shauni was the boss he kept all the other animals in check and if he wanted to get through somewhere and one of the dog was in the way he just gave them a look and they moved. Over his ten years he has lived with three cats Mitsie, Kizzy and Bonny, three dogs Suki a Staffordshire bull terrier, Sophie a cross Staffordshire/Jack Russell cross and Martha a cross Chihuahua/Manchester terrier, three rats, numerous guinea pigs and hundreds of bunny friends.

When Shauni was seven Bracken a beautiful wild baby hare was brought into the sanctuary, she was about three weeks old and very badly injured due to an attack by a cat It took weeks to heal her wounds and in the process she became very tame which meant we were not able to release her when she was well. This was not a problem for her as she had fallen head over heals in love with the handsome Shauni (who wouldnít) and they moved into a lovely house together they were not able to live together free range as Bracken being wild and slender could find her way into anywhere including under the floor of the house.

At six months Shauni & Bracken started living together and had a great relationship and enjoyed getting up to mischief together. The lovebirds spent two years in bliss until Shauni developed a bone cyst in his left cheek which as it grew prevented him from eating and had to be removed. As the surgery was extensive and he was very unwell afterwards he moved out and became a free range bunny again, although he still spent time with Bracken when we let her out of her house.

Shauni slowly recovered from his surgery but never ate on his own again apart from finely chopped apple so for the final four months of his life I syringe fed him twice a day which kept him very well until he developed a bladder stone which got stuck when being passed. This was removed just before Christmas and he went on to have a great time playing with the Christmas tree and all the presents under the tree. He would come to us for his chopped up apple especially if he could steel it off the board as it tasted better that way.


Once New Year came it was obvious Shauniís little body was failing despite his strong personality and will to live. He took to his bed on the 5th January and we could see he was in severe discomfort but his will to live overpowered everything so we decided on the 6th January to let him go over the rainbow bridge with all the other bunnies. He was the love of our life and had gifted us with ten wonderful years and we will never forget the gift he gave us ďbunnies are more than just furry little four legged creatures kept in cages at the bottom of the garden, they are intelligent little people that understand more than we will ever knowĒ


Bunny Camp News Recipe Column

By Bramblespack

Well this month we though we would look at Chocolate cake. A lot of 2foots like chocolate and this dark chocolate cake according to the 2foots is very nice. Although they do say it is very rich and heavy (We didnít think food had any money). Anyway we hope you enjoy it and remember get your 2foots to do all the bits you donít want to do.

Dark Chocolate Cake

What you need

  • Cake tin (8Ē) about the length of marjoramís ears (they are huge you know) round
  • Grease proof paper
  • Oil
  • An oven
  • Some greens for a snack before you start cooking

Other stuff that you need

  • Almost 2 food bowls (7 oz) of plain chocolate, in pieces
  • A food bowl (4 oz) of unsalted butter
  • 3 eggs, separated Ė you separate eggs by putting them in different parts of the fridge. Ė No
  • Blackberry you separate eggs by splitting the white and the yolk. See Novembers column for details
  • Rabbit food
  • A food bowl of (4 oz) dark soft brown sugar
  • A large widdle (2 fl oz) of brandy Ė donít let your 2foots drink the rest unless they have been naughty.
  • Hay
  • A Neddie earful (1, tsp) of vanilla essence
  • A Carrot
  • Almost a food bowl (3 oz) of plain flour
  • Half a food bowl (2 oz) of ground almonds

Stuff to put on top of the cake

  • A bowl and a half (6 oz) of plain chocolate, in pieces
  • A ľ of a food bowl (1 oz) of unsalted butter
  • A bowl and a half (6oz) icing sugar, sifted
  • Finally

  • 1, pint double cream, stiffly whipped Ė Cream is thicker white stuff that comes out of a moo. When whipping please remember to use an 8 foot bull whip as the cream can get nasty
  • Some grated chocolate
  • What to do

    1. Grease, base-line and flour a deep 20 cm (8 inch) round cake tin. Ė As with other cakes apart from the flouring. To flour a tin put a little flour in the tin and then throw it around (the cake tin that is) till the tin is covered with the flour. Melt the chocolate and butter in a heatproof bowl over a pan of hot water. Remove from heat and stir until smooth. Get your 2foot to do this as it can get hot and boring. Whilst they do it eat some greens or hay
    2. Whisk the egg yolks and sugar in a large heatproof howl standing over a pan of hot water until very pale and creamy, and thick enough to leave a trail on the surface when the whisk is lifted. Remove from the heat and whisk until cool. Again this is boring so get your 2foot to do it and eat the carrot
    3. Add the brandy and vanilla essence and whisk in the melted chocolate mixture. Ė More fun, mix it well. Add the sifted flour and ground almonds and fold in gently. Whisk the egg whites until stiff, then lightly fold into the mixture a little at a time.
    4. Pour the mixture into the tin and bake at gas mark 4 for 45-50 minutes or until firm to the touch. Leave in the tin for 10 minutes/then turn out onto a wire rack to cool. Again this bit is boring so eat the rest of the food and go to sleep let the 2foot wake you once the cake has cooled
    5. To make the topping, melt the chocolate and butter in a bowl over a pan of hot water. Again get your 2foot to do this bit. Off the heat, gradually stir in the icing sugar and 45 ml (3 tbsp) warm water to make a thick icing.
    6. Cut the cake in half and spread one third of the icing over one half; cool, then top with one third of the cream. Use a large sharp knife to do this and do it onto a wood chopping board. Remember to change the chopping board before getting your greens chopped. Put the other cake half on top. Push down on it too hard and cream and chocolate goes everywhere, Great fun, Especially if the 2foots are cleaning up. Spoon the rest of the icing over the cake swirl quickly with a knife to coat the top and sides. Leave to set. Then decorate with remaining cream and grated chocolate.

    Get 2foots to eat the cake. As you can tell we couldnít be bothered to do anything really strenuous this month. Enjoy.

    Blackberry (The pack)

    p.s. No buns were harmed in the making of this column

    Pigeon adopts baby rabbits

    11/11/2004 08:45 - (SA)

    By Rusana Philander Cape Town - A pigeon at the Karmanel party farm at Joostenberg Vlakte near Kraaifontein is the proud "mother" of seven rabbits. The pigeon recently took the rabbits under her wing when the two rabbit mothers neglected their babies.

    Amanda Nel, owner of Karmanel, said the pigeon has been keeping the rabbits warm for the past three weeks. "The pigeon 'moved in' with them after the rabbits were born. The rabbits and pigeon live in the same cage. "Rabbits do not make good mothers and the pigeon took over this task from the rabbits. I think she believes the baby rabbits are her own." Nel said it was quite possible because the rabbits and pigeon have been living together "in harmony" for the past few years. "It is incredible to see how these two species have formed a tight family unit. Because of the pigeon mother, the rabbits will grow up because she looks after them all the time. The strong bond between the rabbits and pigeon cannot be broken. "The pigeon has become a mother to the seven rabbits and protects them as if they are her own. She never lets them out of her sight." Two bird experts said it was the first time they heard of a bird adopting rabbits. Hilton Pillay, a bird expert of Strandfontein, attributed this behaviour to the mothering instinct of the pigeon. "Because it is breeding season for birds, they are reacting to this instinct." Doug Harebottle of the unit for bird demographics at the University of Cape Town said some rabbits neglected their young, but this particular situation was exceptional particularly because rabbits are mammals.


    Happy New Year to you all.

    Another year at Bunny Camp Sanctuary which means more fundraising, on that theme I was wondering if Bunny Camp News readers the members of Hopper Club could organise a sponsored walk, Oh no!! not a sponsored walk but wait, if a group of you could ask your individual family, friends, colleagues and maybe the postmanÖ..
    Only joking about the postman, sponsor you Iím sure we could raise quite a bit. So, what do you think ? Sonya and I would like to join you, Iíve printed a sponsor form and we can fill in the date and route when we have had a talk about it at the next Hopper Club meeting, and report back through Bunny Camp News Think about it and let me know how you feel about the idea, look forward to seeing you all soon

    Bunny Humour

    The Barbara Peters Page

    After the snow of recent days, it may come as a surprise, but if you look very carefully, you will see that many wild plants are showing signs of bursting into life for spring. I often like to remind other bunny slaves that the simplest of things can be a great source of free food, and that you should take advantage of natureís bounty. The simplest thing of all is grass. Your buns will really appreciate a handful of fresh grass, particularly if they spend most of their time indoors. As I look out of the kitchen window, I can see that the grass needs cutting, so my next job is to go outside and gather some up for my buns. The one thing you should never do though is give your buns mown grass. This is because the lawnmower cuts up the grass into such tiny pieces that it starts to ferment almost immediately, which is very dangerous for your rabbitís digestion.

    Remember to look out for things like plantain (shown above) and of course the ever popular dandelions as well as newly emerging thistles.

    Finally, if you have a herb patch, take a look at it, I have a FABULOUS crop of flat leaved parsley.

    Hi everybody, your editor Dandy here again. First of all thank you for all of your messages complementing me on my new look for Bunny Camp News. Granted I had to write most of them myself, but itís still nice to read them.

    We have a new agony bun this month. As regular readers will know, my darling Flopsy Girl went to the rainbow bridge last month, but as I am a very generous bun, I have allowed Millie to have a go at giving some advice this time. She is very much on trial, and if she does not do a good job I will sack her, so please let me know what you think of her efforts.

    Finally, I would just like to remind all of you 2-foots out there to remember that your sole purpose in life is to look after us buns and to ensure that we have nothing but the best at all times!

    Bun of the month

    Millie Bunís Problem Pages

    Hello everybun. I hope that you will not be too hard on me as I am a very young bun, but nevertheless, I will do my very best to answer all of your questions.

    Dear Millie Bun...
    We have a question. Our problem is that our 2 foot wants to be awake when we want to sleep and when we want to play and be noisy she wants to sleep and tells us off, how can we overcome this? Willow and Casper

    Dear Willow and Casper.
    I have exactly the same problem. Our 2-foots are SO UNREASONABLE! Why just this morning, I jumped up on to their bed at 3am, but they would NOT play with me at all. I have found though that if you give them the occasional lick, then you can get away with anything.

    Dear Millie Bun...
    Our 2-foot has stopped ordering our Timothy Hay and started to buy pet shop hay instead which we don't like as much. She says she can't afford the nice stuff anymore, but we've seen the receipts for all the clothes and make up she bought herself last week so we don't believe her. What on earth can we do?
    Love Cassie, Bart & Humphrey

    Dear Cassie, Bart, and Humphrey.
    This is unacceptable. You most show your 2-foot that all these things she has bought are unnecessary by eating them. She will see that she can manage perfectly well without them, and she will then buy you lots of timothy hay to stop you eating any more of her things.

    Dear Millie Bun...
    Hereís my tough question for your new Problem Page: why does the Sno run away after a while and Water comes back to take its place? (Good luck, Millie!) Ė Merridoe

    Hi Merrydoe.
    Thatís an interesting one. I donít know if you have noticed, but when the sno falls itís really cold outside. So what happens is that the sky sends a nice cosy blanket down to keep the grass warm. Then as it gets warmer, the sno waters the grass so that it does not get thirsty.

    Dear Millie Bun...
    Iím Ash, and I want to know why the 2-foots let other 2-foots put bits of card through the door, then complain when I clear up the mess and eats the card?

    Dear Ash
    This is because your 2-foots have brought you lots of nice greens, and that they are afraid that you will be too full to eat them. Iím sure they are grateful really.

    Dear Millie Bun...
    Marjoram here. I was wondering now how to get the buck 2-foot to stop coming near me as stamping and kicking doesn't work, but I do like the doe 2-foot and allow the occasional nose rub

    Dear Marjoram
    I think the best plan is to look all alluring at him, and then pee on him as he approaches. It may take a few sprays, but heíll soon get sick of it.

    Dear Millie Bun...
    Hazel here. Could you how to win back the affections of the rexie buns as they seem to have gone off with Blackberry and his harem

    Donít worry about them, they are not worth it. Anybun who abandons you should be shunned.

    Dear Millie Bun...
    Iím Blackthorn, and I want to know why Hawthorn and Tayberry have been paired up with new girlies but I havenít?

    Dear Blackthorn
    You donít say if you already have a girl friend. If you have, then you should stick with her, if not, itís obviously because you donít deserve one.

    Just as long as Dandy does not sack her, then Millie will be back next month to answer all of your questions. so please send your problems to

    Bunny Camp is not a large undertaking. It is all run from a normal house in a normal street. However, we do our best to help as many bunnies as possible given our very limited resources. Bunny Camp is situated at:-

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    West Yorkshire
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    Tel: (0044) 01274 821665