• Age: 1
  • Breed: Medium
  • Sex: Male (Neutered)
  • Location: Sussex West
  • Bonded: No
  • Vaccinated: Yes
  • Date Added: 01/09/2017
  • Last Update: 11/10/2017

More about Ford:

Ford is a lovely boy. Nosy, friendly and out-going. He is looking for a young lady offering a forever home. He is a tidy boy and could live indoors or out but would like LOTS of space please. Minimum accepted is 60 sq ft for outdoors.

He is neutered and vaccinated for Myxi/RHD & RHD2

Please contact us BEFORE you buy housing so we can make sure it is of suitable size for the rabbits.
RSPCA size requirement is 24 hr access to 60 sq feet of space.

All bunnies are:


Vaccinated against Myxomatosis/VHD & RHD2

There is an adoption fee of £50 per rabbit.  This goes back to help cover the procedures above

To ensure that rabbits are happy and healthy they need a living area which provides a shelter and a place to exercise. The RSPCA commissioned research undertaken by the University of Bristol investigating the spatial needs of rabbits and any recommendations on appropriate housing that we give are based on the results of this study.
To meet the welfare needs of a compatible pair of medium-sized rabbits living together, the research found they needed a living area of at least three metres by two metres, and one metre high. (9' x 6' x 3')
Permanently attaching an exercise area to a shelter also allows rabbits space and choice over their environment and lets them perform the behaviours they wish to, and at times of their choosing.
The shelter, which can be provided through the use of a more traditional hutch needs to allow rabbits of any size to be able to stretch out fully without touching the sides and stand up on their hind legs without their ears touching the roof.
The Guildford branch always encourages high standards of welfare and continues to rehome rabbits to homes who have taken these housing requirements into account to ensure their pets have the right environment to help them thrive.

How to Adopt this Rabbit

Ford is being rehomed through a rescue. For more information or to enquire about adoption please contact:

RSPCA Guildford and District Branch
Sussex West
RH14 0TL

Tel: 07825021811
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