Preventing Abandonded/Neglected Rabbits Through Education

Educating people about the responsibilities of owning a rabbit is an important part of preventing rabbits ending up in rescues.

This includes educating the places people get rabbits from like breeders and petshops to make sure if they sell rabbits they do it responsibly.

Petshop Guidelines to Reduce Abandoned Rabbits

Every year thousands of rabbits end up in rescue centres across the UK. Many of these unwanted rabbits orginated in petshops. By using these guidelines we hope petshops can help us reduce the number of unwanted rabbits. Suitable for printing and taking into your local petshop.

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Posters on Rabbits

These posters designed for you to print out and put up include:
Poster for Petshops - Why We Don't Sell Rabbits
Rabbit Lovers Wanted - Homes Needed for Rabbits

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Leaflets on Rabbit Care

Information on leaflets available from the RSCPA, Blue Cross, Rabbit Welfare Association and EASE.

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The PDSA Pet Protectors Schools Pack

The material is filled with cross-curricular activities in core subjects such as Maths, English and Science for Year Groups 1 - 6 (P1 P7 in Scotland). Although activities focus on learning about the needs of animals as pets and the responsibilities that this brings, the pack aims to teach children important Citizenship and PSCHE issues.

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