Don't give Rabbits as Presents

Whether its Easter, Christmas or a Birthday the practice of giving animals as presents is wrong. There are very few absolutes when dealing with animals but this is one of them, never give an animal as a gift.

The slogan "A puppy is for life not just Christmas!" holds true for all animals including rabbits. To many rabbits are given as presents and end up in rescues when the novelty has worn off or because the long term care hasn't be considered.

Why not as a present?

Days like Birthdays and Christmas are the worst days to bring a new animal into the household, they are busy, noisy and disruptive. An new rabbit needs calm surroundings to settle in.

Many of the animals available for Christmas/Easter time in petshops and from breeders have been specifically breed to take advantage of buyers wanting presents. If they are willing to sell animals as presents they are irresponsible. If they aren't responsible in choosing appropriate homes for their animals, they are just as likely to be irresponsible in ensuring the health of the animals they are breeding from. Vet bills don't make good presents.

Most people like to choose their own pet, the colour or character you pick might not match up to what they would choose given to choice.

Expressing a want for an animal if very different to being prepared to own one. "I want a dog but that doesn't mean I have the time/money to care for one."

Caring for any animal is a big commitment and research into the needs of an animal need to be done before you own it not afterwards. A mistake like feeding the wrong food can kill a rabbit.

What to give instead

There are lots of things you can give someone who wants a rabbit:

  • Books on rabbit care
  • Gifts on the theme of rabbits
  • Vouchers to spend on food/toys etc.
  • A 'homemade' voucher promising to pay for the pet when they choose it
  • A 'homemade' voucher promising a trip to a rabbit sanctuary
  • Vets vouchers towards vaccinations/neutering

See also our advice before adopting a rabbit

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